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The most motivating and FUN way to get started running!

This training plan recognizes that every runner is different. It allows you to progress at YOUR pace and to advance only when you are ready. Even if you can’t run a step right now, this plan will get you to the finish line of a 5K or running 30 minutes without stopping. Your first level will have you running a little and walking a lot. As you progress you will find the running gets easier and easier.

Get started today and become a runner tomorrow!
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Running Start $8.95

THERE IS A RUNNER IN EACH OF US! The most comprehensive, motivating, and entertaining training program on the internet guaranteed to get you up and running! These first six levels are designed to take you from running zero to 5K hero!

Getting Started Guide: Everything you need to know to get a successful start to your running.

Levels 1-6: This training plan is designed to have you running 30 minutes without stopping and to the finish-line of your first 5K. It is the base you will need before you begin any of the other training plans.

Virtual Coach: If we can’t coach you personally, this is the next best thing! Visit the “Aid Station” at the end of each level. Here we will help make the decision to stay at your current level or if it is time to safely “Level-UP!

Welcome Email: A letter from us (Adam and Tim) welcoming you to our “Level-UP” training system and motivating you to get started. You can’t read this letter and NOT want to run!

Subscription to GET RUNNING newsletter: Our monthly newsletter will keep you motivated, educated, entertained, and inspired!

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