Run 2,016 in 2016 Challenge

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Run the Year logoImagine yourself doing something BIG this year to get into the best shape of your life. Imagine making a New Year’s Resolution that lasts all year long and maybe even taking a friend with you on the journey. It might sound hard at first but believe us when we say, “ANYBODY CAN DO IT!”

Presenting the Run/Walk 2,016 in 2016 challenge! We have created a Virtual Race that will motivate you, track your progress, give you a chance to win great prizes every day, give you a community of like minded runners to encourage and celebrate, and most importantly keep you running/walking as you cover 2,016 miles in a single year!

There are three ways to take the challenge:

  • You can choose to Fly Solo and do the challenge by yourself.
  • You can choose to Partner up and do it with a friend.
  • You can choose to do it in a team of 3 (can be up to four needed.)


2016-infographic-for-siteHow it works:

Step 1.

Sign-up for the virtual race. If you are running with a partner or a team, each runner should sign-up individually.
When you sign-up you will automatically get:
1.  12 months access to the Online Expo
2.  Over $180 dollars in Training Plans from 5K to 26.2
3.  12 months of health, training, and nutrition advice from experts.
4.  Entry to 366 days of giveaways
5.  So much more!

Step 2.

Join our private Facebook group
We will send you an invitation in your confirmation email with a link to join this closed group where you will find motivation, information, and support from this awesome community.

Step 3.

Decide how you will track your mileage.
Log in to the awesome Online Expo and start exploring! You can also set up your Mileage Tracker to keep track of you and your team’s progress.

Step 4.

Bask In Your Glory
When you (and your team) have completed this challenge you will have covered miles equal to 76.9 MARATHONS! You can’t help but be in the best shape of your life!

 Check out our FAQ Page for more information.

 Our goal is to make this challenge as motivating and fun as possible. We will pour our hearts and souls into making this challenge an exciting year long journey. Will you join us?


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Want to Run as Part of a Team?  

Organizing a team is really easy.  There is nothing different at the time of registration. Each member registers separately. Then all you need to do is come up with a good team name and set up the awesome Mileage Tacker that will allow you to enter your miles and automatically keep track of your team’s cumulative mileage all year long.


The following Shirts and finisher medals are available when you register.  You can also order them on our website by clicking on the images below.

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